Monday, March 07, 2011

Big Boy Eli...

I cannot believe how big Eli is getting. It is so fun to listen to him talk and to try to figure out where he comes up with things.
A few nights ago we were eating with my parents and I grabbed a roll out of the basket at the middle of the table. Eli said, "I need that! I need bread!" ("I need that" is his new favorite thing to say...we need to work on the difference between need and want. :) But, don't we all need to work on that a little?)
Of course, I passed a roll to him to which he sang "Hot Cross Buns" in its entirety to the restaurant. Awww, it was sweet. Then he pointed to a rather large man and yelled out "Santa Claus! Ho-Ho-Ho Merry Christmas!" I almost fell out of my chair.

Here are a few random pictures of our day...

After cooking with every baking item I would let him touch  that he could find, he decided to take the baking sheets on a tractor ride.

Totally intentional too...he didn't just want them in the trailer, he came and told me that he wanted to take them on a tractor ride. I am sure that is the most fun those baking sheets have had in a while...

Don't judge- yes, we are still in our pj's.
(Also, how in the world do they learn so young to fake smile?!?)

He is also starting this phase where he really doesn't like clothes all that much. I don't care really, but it is still really cold! Crazy kid.
Ileigh had something really important to tell him...

Well, I caved. I thought I could do it, but for the betterment of everyone Eli will be going to Mother's Day Out every Thursday. I know it will be so good for him and I am really excited for him to have this opportunity. I think it was just hard for me to think about giving up that money. Born from the need of my husband for ironed shirts and photo editing time with us starting up taking pictures again, we decided to go ahead and send him to school.

Here he is last week on his first day of school.

He wasn't interested in pictures,

but he did take a minute to show me the cool robot on his backpack (thanks, Aunt Jacey!).
The teachers said that he did really well, except for nap time, which was surprising to me because he is such a good napper here at home. I hope for their sakes he will be fine in a few weeks. Thankfully, one of his teachers is a friend, so I know she will give me the scoop! :)

Oh, and I am really trying to do better about taking pictures of the little one. I noticed today that she is pretty much too long for all of her newborn sleepers. How is that possible? It seems like she has only wore them a few times...this is already going by too fast.

Big yawns...

I know she is thinking, "Yes, mommy, I know I am cute. Cheese!"