Thursday, September 22, 2011

Labor Day

Yes, I know it is almost October.
We are just finishing up a crazy busy month of shooting weddings every weekend and our normal photo shoot routine; it has been a little over-whelming. We are very excited for a little vaca and our "relaxed" October schedule.

Back to Labor Day.
We spent the long weekend in White Deer mostly. We shot a beautiful wedding in Groom Saturday.
Sunday, Chris was working out in my dad's garage and Eli wanted to help too.
Then he spotted a fire fighter's hat on my dad's work desk...jackpot.
I don't think he took that helmet off for the rest of the weekend. We have been back to WD every weekend since and the first thing he asks for is the fire helmet. :)

What more could a boy want? A John Deere and a fire hat. And Thomas PJs.

We made a quick trip to Papaw Campbell's house in Skellytown...of course we had to show off our helmet to Papaw... 

"You're something else, Pawpa Campbell". I have no idea where he comes up with this stuff. I am just so grateful for a husband who is quick with the camera. I LOVE the look on Papaw's face.

Ileigh Grace really liked Papaw's house... 

We also went out for dinner with my dad's side of the family! We were super excited that some of the Kansas crew got to come into town too! I have a few pictures from that too...maybe within the next month I will add them on. Here's hopen'