Thursday, January 19, 2012

New Year Goals

I know, I know. I am a little late, but hey I feel like this is worth writing down.

1. Run a 10K

Pretty crazy goal, if you ask me considering I was that girl that hated running in grade school. But, there are so many more reasons that I run now and it gets really addicting. I am hoping to pull Chris on board with me on this one. He was happy to run the 3 5Ks with me last year, so I am betting he will be in. Right, honey?!? :)

2. Learn to knit

I REALLY want to learn. It was a goal last year that I didn’t get to, so it is making an appearance again.

3. Make a quilt for my kiddos

Actually, one quilt this year, one next. I am terrified to try to make one, but I love that I have a quilt from my great grandmother and I feel like this is an art that is dying.

4. A new recipe a month

I like quick and easy dinners- therefore, I get in a rut. A lot.

5. Take more pictures of everyday life.

We aren’t that great about taking photos of our kiddos. When we do, it is usually a planned “outing” that last about 10 mins. I want to do a better job a catching our everyday life.

6. Go out on more dates

Does this need an explanation? With two little ones, I think not.

7. I am SUPER excited for this year. Chris and I have some pretty awesome things going on in our lives at the moment. I cannot wait to see what all God brings us to this year. We are really trying to be open and listen to the way God is telling us to move. I'll let you know how it goes...