Tuesday, May 08, 2012

THE 15 month check-up

So for months I have been concerned about it- Ileigh's 15 month checkup. The one that our doctor doesn't normally do, and every single person that I came into contact with in the office felt they needed to share that obscurity with me. Every single time her records were pulled.
Yeah, that one.

Ileigh is perfect. Not to my surprise, but to my relief. I am glad we don't have to deal with that weight anymore. I have no idea why the doctor wanted to see Ileigh nor did she share that information with me. I almost brought up the need for some staff training, but I kept my mouth shut. Mostly because Ileigh was screaming the entire time- I can't blame her, I don't like going to the doctor either. They did keep asking me if she ever went to a nursery at church or a babysitter; she was glued to my side the entire time. "Yes, she loves the church nursery and all of our sitters." I informed them, "She only acts this way here- I guess you all should feel extra special." :)

And she didn't pass out this time from the shots- I say it was a fabulous trip.

This month, we added "bird" "shoes" and "cup" to your vocab.
Your favorite place to be is still outside. You LOVE to climb on brother's swingset; Eli is always here to help and encourage you. I am there to tell you, "Sit on your bottom, and come down, you are too high!"
You played in the sprinkler for the first time and you love to play chase with Eli and daddy.
You also like to try to push us over and tackle us on the ground.

Someday we will take some pictures! :)

Ileigh, you are amazing.
I really think you are crazy smart. Ekkk...I don't know if I can handle another child smarter than me!
You are very brave and bold and I love it. I pray that you will not be shy and will use your gifts to their fullest potential, never shying away because you are afraid.