Thursday, May 24, 2012

Last Day of School

Today was the last day of MDO for the semester!
Eli and Ileigh just LOVE going to "school".
It helps that they have great teachers.

Here is Eli with his teachers.
(Funny side note- I went to Beach Reach with the girl in the pink. Crazy small world....even crazier that she remembered and recognized me!)

Here are Ileigh's teachers. She ADORES these two. I am nervous about the fall and changing of teachers. She has Ms. Terry and Ms. Doris for MDO, Sunday School and Wednesday morning and night. She likes Ms. Doris more than me most days.

These were the teachers' gifts I put together in the back of my car- it was crazy and very messy! 

After school we celebrated with a little swim!

Then Eli pretended to be a firefighter and "rescued" Ileigh from the tower.