Sunday, June 10, 2012

June Happenings...

Knocking an item off the 'ol summer bucket list, we took Eli out to fly a kite.
He loved it. The weather was gorgeous and we all had a great time.

Someone decided it would be fun to spell his name out in foam stickers and stick them on his head. He stuck them on backwards, but I am sure he wasn't too bothered by that. 

This wee one wore her first "big girl" bow! I mentioned to some of my friends that I had no idea what to do with Ileigh's hair and they were more than helpful in showing me the ropes of how to deal with baby girl hair. YAY!

I love when I catch Eli jamming out with his guitar in his room. I hope that he is an awesome guitar player someday and I can pull this photo out and laugh. :) 

Seriously, we get out guitars every day. Nothing like mom and dad's bed for a stage. 

Last week we took the kiddos to a Amarillo Sox game. Chris and I aren't really into baseball games in general, but we wanted the kiddos to have the experience. They both LOVED it and on the way out a church friend stopped Eli and handed him a foul ball. He was ellated. It was his first baseball ever, like I said, Chris and I really need to work on exposure of our kiddos to sports. He slept with that ball for a week at least. I love when people are sweet to my kiddos...:)