Thursday, June 21, 2012

Memorial Day- The Zoo

We have a habit of going to OKC for Memorial Day weekend. I think it has been a tradition at least for the past 5 years. :) I like traditions.

For our first day we went to the Zoo with Memamaw and Gramps. It was PERFECT; cool and cloudy. I could have stayed there all day.

Eli was prepared to see lions, 

and tigers, 

and bears! Oh, my! 

We learned last year to take the little tram around the Zoo. So nice. 

This little one LOVES anything with four legs. She gravitates toward any type of animal. 

After the tram we headed to the kid zoo. It was the first time we had been and it was a lot of fun. 

Eli loved the did Memamaw! 

Then we went into the bird exhibit. Eli wanted a bird to land on his arm so bad. Then one did and its talons scared him. He dropped his nectar, then got his courage back up and they wouldn't come. We had to have stayed in there for 20 minutes. 

For some reason though, they really liked me. 

Ileigh LOVES birds- she calls them "quack-quacks", but hey we are working on it. 

They really liked me...really. 

Then we took another tram ride. 

This is Ileigh's classic face. Pretty much when she doesn't get her way, this face appears. You can imagine it is a staple. 

Three minutes later, she was out. 

The only way we could get her to wear this adorable hat was to wait until she was sleeping to put it on. 

Chris and I hung out with Ileigh while Memamaw, Gramps and Eli rode the train. 

Happy, happy boy. He had a blast! While he was on the train, we ran into the gift shop and got him his own special key to the Zoo. It was really a little plastic key topper with an elephant on it, but it looks like a real key. He LOVED it. Even last week as we were passing through OKC on our way home from Kansas and we were talking about a place to stay the night, he yelled from the back of the car that he had his key to the Zoo so we could stay there! Adorable.

Ileigh hugging her little elephant we got her for her first trip to the Zoo!