Wednesday, August 29, 2012

First Day of School

Well, hello blogging world.
Wow, it has been awhile. :)

Maybe now that the kiddos are back in "school" I will have time to get caught up....maybe.

Here are our little cuties before we took them to school yesterday.

Ileigh did better than expected with a new teacher! Woot! 
One happy momma. 
She LOVED her old teachers...they were also her teachers for Sunday mornings, Wednesday mornings, and Wednesday nights. She was very attached to them and I worried because I knew she would be expecting them.

Eli goes to school on Tuesdays and Wednesdays for half a day. He loves his teacher, Ms. Johnson and has been talking about her all day.
This morning when it was just Ileigh and I out for a morning walk, I almost broke down realizing that in just a few years it will be "real" school and Eli will be gone all day, every week day. Ah!
And trust me, I am not usually emotional about things like that.  

Here's to a great semester! I can't wait to see how much these two grow and learn!