Thursday, September 13, 2012

Shhh...don't tell anyone.

Don't tell anyone, but I'm not working on what I am suppose to. I should be editing a ton of pictures of beautiful little families with beautiful little kiddos. But I'm not.

Instead I am choosing to edit AND blog about our incredible first born. We finally made time for his 3 1/2 year photo shoot. As in, I booked an appointment with ourselves. In the calendar. No excuses. We were already over a month late...he didn't seem to mind though.

He was surprisingly excited about having his own photo shoot. I decided to let him pick out his entire first outfit and the location. He picked a fire truck shirt, shorts, his famous cowboy boots, hat and lasso to complete the look. It was perfect. :)

Gosh, I just love him. 

You see, this one, he is something else. Never in my life have I known a love like this. He can make my heart leap with just a look with those big, gorgeous brown eyes.

And that laugh. His daddy is the best at making him laugh. And it is contagious.
His "fake laugh" is pretty stinkin' hilarious too.

Look at those eyes...and that smile. This little boy is amazing. He so caring and loving to others. I can't wait to see where his journey will take him.

We had a blast taking his photos. He got to play with garage doors,

watch daddy tickle mommy,

and visit the railroad tracks.
I LOVE both of these pictures.

He was scared at the tracks and kept telling us that we needed to leave because a train would be coming soon.
I told him that we will always protect him.
And we will.

"Look mom, it is like gymnastics!"

:) I still love all of his hats. And I love his serious face.

But that huge smile will melt my heart every single time.

His reward for being so cooperative was to go see the train when it came by,

and go for a ride on daddy's shoulders.
The best place for a little boy to be.

I am so glad we took a little extra time out of our day for a special little photo shoot for an amazing little boy, who every day grows up a little more right before our eyes.
I am so thankful that I get to watch.