Wednesday, December 26, 2012

25 of my favorite Holiday Moments.

1. Finishing up our scheduled photos and edits for the year!
2. Cousins' dinner and making headbands

3. Sunday School Christmas Party

4. Church Musical
5. Anniversary
6. Kaci's dress fitting/Stef coming to town
7. Eli's crafts from school
8. Cami's party
9. Baking and delievering cookies to our fire departments with Eli
10. Santa coming early
11. Sending out Christmas cards 
12. Getting Christmas cards
13. FINISHING the cabinets
(Before and After)

14. Watching lots of Christmas movies
15. Mistletoe
16. Decorating the kids' tree with them

17. Finding just the right gift for people!
18. Happy, Merry birthdays!
19. Shopping with my dad
20. Eli and Ileigh riding the tractor together
21. Pajama Donut Date
22. Going to WD and having everyone at my parents' house
23. Chinese Exchange at Nanny's
24. SNOW!
25. Birthday Cake on Christmas Day


Amanda said...

I love your little family! are looking thin! :)