Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Eve...

I really love Christmas Eve with our family.
This year we wanted to help Nanny and Papaw out, so we had dinner out on my dad's patio and then went to Nanny and Papaw's for gifts.

Here I am with the girl cousins and their kiddos...

He is my most cherished gift ever... 

Everyone filling their plates 

Alison thought her and I should take a photo since we are wearing the same trend.
I love my sweater dresses and boots! 

Eli "coupling up" something for Aunt Lynda and Tyler 

After a yummy dinner with way too many desserts, we headed to Nanny's
Ileigh was one of the youngest there so she went first... 

I love the way Papaw is pulling Eli close to tell him something in this picture.
He adores Eli. 

Eli and Aunt Karen- he wanted to help her open a gift... 

I know it is crazy and loud and at time inappropriate, but I love all of us crammed into Nanny's house. 

And a little floor perspective of Eli's new toy from Nanny and Papaw. Gotta love the Ninja Turtles!