Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Eli's school parrr-ty!

Today was Eli's school party!
I was happy that his teacher asked if I would like to celebrate with his class because we aren't 'into' friend birthdays yet...maybe next year? Right now we just keep it with a small group of family.

Eli got to wear the 'birthday crown' all day. It was a very big deal, people.

Here all the kiddies are waiting for cookie cake... 

Ms. Johnson is so terrific. Eli just adores her. I do too. 

Of course it is a firefighter cake. 

He also got to pick out a toy from the 'gift bucket'. 

What a fun time! Eli loved the cookie cake and having fun with all his little friends.
All the teachers loved the extra cookie cake! What a fun way to kick off our little guys celebrations!