Sunday, January 13, 2013

Eli's Birthday Party

We had Eli's big party at the house.
If course it was firefighter-themed...again.
If he keeps this up, I'll never have to buy party decorations! ;)

Oh, you know I bought fire hats for everyone to wear agian...:) They are such good sports!

We are all so thankful to have a daddy that loves to cook!

It was a-dorable watching Eli's excitement this year!

Man, we love this little guy!

He was really excited about getting new underwear! Awesome!

Gramps had a pretty special surprise:

I have no idea where we ate going to put this thing, but I know that all our kiddos will love it!

Eli and Megan

He was soooo excited about blowing out the candles.

Make a wish!

Mema, Papa and the birthday boy!

Memamaw, Gramps and the birthday boy!

Of course, we've spent A LOT of time learning to drive that new truck....and the baseboards to prove it...

We hope you had a wonderful birthday weekend, little buddy. We love you!!!