Saturday, December 07, 2013

Fall's our favorite!

Before we knew what happened fall turned to winter!
Here are some highlights from the 'ole iPhone:

This is how she prefers to watch TV. Shirtless and hanging off the back of the couch. "Bookey!"

One last trip to the splash pad!

Blood Orange (aka: red) ice-cream is the BEST!

Ileigh loves to have bubba read to her...

A little room makeover....

Grown' like a weed....

Community helper week at school influenced Eli's career choice!

Ah. Lunches alone.

Started a quilt.

Helped gramps in the fire station...

Lead the pledge at Nanny's.

Eli's drawing of our family- and his many brothers.

Botanical Gardens...almost like Hawaii....almost.

New princess dresses!

There are no word for this adorable mess!

Norway baby showers!

First crushes?!

School pictures....:)

Pumpkin carvin'

Daddy's Halloween work party....

New hats!

After school playground dates...


Mad vacuum skillz....

Published?! This counts, right? :)

Excited to meet baby Eli!

Candyland and clear schedules....

Helping bubba....


Ileigh the dragon!

We are all labeled....

Thanksgiving break!

Turkey trot!

Batman wanted to go for a run!

Someone discovered sparkles...:)

Letters to Santa...

Watching Gramps' new barn being built...

Visiting Steve and Abby's new house!

What a busy, crazy time. Here's to winter!