Monday, December 23, 2013

Santa Came to Town....

Well, he almost didn't make it, but Santa came early to our house again this year.
Ugh. It was hard trying to find time to do all of th activities to get the kiddos focused off of Santa and more on Saint Nicholas...Off of what they wanted and more on what they wanted to give.
But, we did the best we year we might ask Santa to come first thing in the month!

Anyway, Eli was super excited about his Nerf gun. ;) Then he ran and woke Ileigh up!

Ileigh loved her sparkle ponies...
By the way, that plate was for the cookies and Santa left Eli a note telling him that if he was mean, mommy and daddy had his permission to take away his nerf gun.
We had a rough night before Santa got there....;)