Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Arbor Week Celebration

Because of the massive destruction wrought to trees on the OU Norman campus as well as across the community and state, the University of Oklahoma’s Arbor Week Celebration this year took on a renewed focus, setting the stage for a beautiful campus for years to come.

Members of the university and surrounding communities were invited to participate in OU’s annual Arbor Week picnic and tree planting. During the picnic, President Boren talked about the university’s Reforestation Campaign to replace the more than 1,000 damaged and destroyed trees on campus.

Here are a few pictures from the beautiful day...

Darcy, Tif and Jessica. (Darcy is a GA in the Huff and Jess is a GA in Housing)

President Boren...
While I was walking around taking pictures, I almost tripped over this- funny thing was that President Boren used it in his speech.

Jess and Kyle...(GAs in Volunteerism and Housing)
Tif and Heather, an intern in the WOC.

Student Lifers planting our trees...

I really loved my position in Student Life with the Women's Outreach Center. Basically, we are automatically involved in many different activities around campus...it is wonderful!