Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Brad's Birthday in OKC

For Brad's 25th birthday he wanted to come and spend some time with us in OKC.

Here are the old kids in Bricktown... do we still look like twins?

Dad, Tif, Brad and Mom...

Alison and Brad...

Back at the house, Dad and Callie- he is asking what she wants....it is always a treat.

The next morning we went to Ardmore to see the Portable AirTanker Base. I wasn't really excited about going so early in the morning, but it was really fun, and the pilot that showed us around was awesome.

Bubba in the Cockpit...

Isn't this cute?!?!

This is the pilot that showed us around...

So of course, Chris took all of these awesome photos...except the one that he is in- I took that- notice that it is focused on the background and not Brad and Chris...yeah, I need lessons.

These are some flowers that I got to take home from the Ball- they were so pretty that I had to take a picture!