Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Prayers for Lanie...

I know most of you probably don't know my wonderful family from Kansas City, but please say a prayer for Lanie, my cousin Cortney's little girl. Lanie has JMML. It is a rare form of Leukemia, diagnosed in only about 1% of childhood leukemias. There are only around 67 cases in the US. The only treatment is a bone marrow transplant.

She had her bone marrow transplant a couple of weeks ago and everything was looking great until recently when she got an infection. She is now in ICU and completely sedated. Cort has been faithfully keeping an on-line journal. It is so wonderful to be able to know what is going on.

If you would like to check it out for yourself the link is:

It is really inspiring if you ask me! Here are a few picture of this precious little girl!

Lanie and big sister, Halle

The family, Halle and Cort, Lanie and Andy