Monday, October 12, 2009

9 months!

Can you believe that Eli is 9 months old today!?!
We can't. We just can't.

This month Eli has gained another tooth and added mangos, white potatoes, and pumpkin to his diet. He began eating "real food" (or non-pureed) and is cruising all around our living room.

He was sleeping very well, but with his teething that has been a distant memory the last couple of weeks. His front, top, right tooth was really hard on him! Now he has what appears to be a Chicklet sticking out of his little swollen gums. Poor kid...he will probably take after his mamma and have huge woodchuck front teeth!

He is not a quiet baby...he is constantly making little happy noises.

He loves to look up and flash that heart-melting smile...

and he loves to stick anything and everything in his mouth.

Happy 9 month birthday, baby boy. You are such a joy. We are so proud of you.

Here is our 8 month scrapbook page!