Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Christmas Day!

After breakfast on Christmas day, we head to Canyon for Chris's family celebration.

Here is Gloria trying to entice Eli with a gift. He wasn't much into gifts.


Eli and his new blocks...

Daddy and his new waffle maker. (It also works out well for me; the next morning I got breakfast in bed!)

Here is everyone looking at the calendar that I made for Richard and Gloria. It was from the same company from the post below.

This year I made the kiddos is Addy in hers. I found the actual blanket and sewed on her initial.

Pey and her blanket. I used felt to sew on the letter and then did a blanket stick around the edges.

Morgan and her blanket...

Here are Brooks's and Hudson's blanket. They weren't able to come into town, so I took these before hand...

Ah! I love the little pirates! I almost bought a third one for Eli, but I decided against it in the end.

Here is Addy letting Eli play on her new laptop.
We hope that everyone had a fantastic Christmas!