Wednesday, January 13, 2010

We have a toddler!

Eli is one. Eli is ONE.

We will be having a small party this weekend with our family. We thought about inviting our friends too, but we decided to keep it small for this year.

Here is the invite that I made for our little monkey. (On a side note, 3 people have asked me to design invites for them and I am so excited! I love to do it!)

Holy Moly! Where did this year go? If you couldn't tell, we are proud as peaches of our adorable, bright, amazing, talented, (etc.) 12 month old.

This month Eli, you got your second haircut. You rock a fauxhawk.

You are walking, practically running everywhere.

You still have 6 teeth and your vocab is about the same as last month.

You are transitioning from having your milk from your bottle to your sippy cup. You are using your pacifier less and less. Next week you will "lose" your pacifier forever. Can't wait for that fun.

You still take 2 naps a day about 1-2 hours each. You go to bed at 8 and wake up around 6 or 7. No more middle-of-the-night bottles! Hooray!

You know where your hat goes (on your head), and how to put your toys back in their are also every good at getting them back out again.

You LOVE to play chase with mommy and daddy. You laugh so loud when we chase you, then we turn around and you chase us!

You have just started to really wear shoes since you are walking so well. You had your second big fall into the door facing because you were practicing to walk in your big boy shoes (you can still see the bruise on his forehead).

You started to give your sisters (our puppies) big hugs and laying your head on them.

You know what I mean when I ask "Is your daddy home?". You drop everything and run to the back door to meet him.

You have also started really pointing and saying "that" for things you want and being very vocal about what you don't want! :)

Here is Eli's 11 month scrapbook page...(Look at that super cute sweater vest he has on! Thanks, aunt Stef & aunt Kaci!)


Carmen Fenton said...

He is just the cutest thing ever! I love the hair. Quick question for you, do your dogs shed? If so, what do you do to keep your floors somewhat clean? Sweep and mop everyday?