Thursday, January 07, 2010

We love cheese...

This is our machine- our eating machine. Truly, he eats everything in site.

For instance, after his "real dinner" of sweet potatoes, carrots, green beans and chicken, Eli is still hungry. So I give his a few pears for dessert and a handful of puffs, after those were gone I moved to Cheerios. He was still hungry, so I gave him two handfuls of cheese. He shoveled the cheese into his mouth in record was almost gone by the time I ran to the dining room to get my camera off the table.

Yes, that is cheese up his nose...he didn't seem to mind.

Yep, that is our adorable little eating machine...

4 oz of milk and a few more Cheerios later, he finally slows down. (Please note the milk down the front of his shirt.) Maybe I will learn to put a bib on this kid someday, but really he was clean up until the cheese. He finished off the pear while Chris and I ate dinner after he got home from work.

Is it possible for an 11 month old to eat you out of house and home?


Brandon said...

The pictures are great!