Thursday, June 17, 2010

17 months...

Last week I helped out at Vacation Bible School at our church. I worked with 5 year olds. It was exhausting, but so fun. It was so great to watch every little kid make something for their mommy in craft time. I thought, "Oh, Eli will be making stuff for me one day! That will be so cute!" Actually, my luck he will be making it for his daddy! Ha!
 Every day when I would pick up Eli from the nursery I would be teary-eyed because I can only imagine what he will be like when he is that age. It seems like he is growing up so fast!

And then, the last day, the nursery workers did me in.
We had to make a little scrapbook for each of our kiddos showing what they learned through the week, but I had no idea that Eli's teachers would do one for him too. The camp doesn't take kiddos his age, so the only ones in his room were other workers' children. Anyway, I picked him up as normal and when we got home I was looking through his diaper bag and found this...
(sorry for the crummy pictures, but I just snapped them with my camera really quickly.)

So plain and simple, but heart-wrenching.
I don't know how long I cried or really why I was crying. This was the first "thing" that Eli had made to bring home to us. I am crying now writing about it! How silly!
It is now proudly displayed on our fridge.

Eli, you are 17 months!
You are getting so big and independent.
Your favorite food is still bananas and you could eat your weight in cheese, if I would let you.
You know your animal sounds and where your head, shoulders, knees, toes, eyes, ears, mouth and nose are.
You can throw a pretty mean temper tantrum- complete with banging your head on the floor/wall to get our attention.
You love to be outside and play with bubbles.
You love to help mommy and daddy by getting their shoes for them.
You love to run up to your puppies and get kisses.
You also love to shake peoples hand and tell them "bye-bye" and "hi".
Your favorite thing in the world right now are trucks. 
About two weeks ago you figured out that you can stick your finger up your nose- fun times.

You really are such a joy! You have brought us so much laughter and fun memories!
We love you, baby boy!