Tuesday, June 08, 2010

It happens so quickly...

I can't believe how quickly Eli is catching on to things that Chris and I say and do. This month his vocab has increased like crazy and he is watching every move we make. I mean, he can't even speak in sentences and yet is storing up all these little things he sees Chris and I say and do....scary.

Last week Callie, our first-born, (the dog) was really excited to see daddy when he got home and wouldn't stop barking. Chris used his leg to move her out of the way so she wouldn't knock over Eli. I saw him tap her with his leg and said "Don't let Eli see you kick her!" Two seconds later, Eli walks up to Callie and kicks her...ooops.

Today at lunch Chris started singing a song on the radio..."With our hands held high, we're sing'n" and then Eli in his highchair finished the lyrics with "Whoa, whoa oh". I was doubting his ability to pull something like that off, so I tested him later and he did it again. I am amazed.

It really has me thinking about the words and tone that I use every day. I see parenting as the biggest, hardest, most important job that I will ever have. It floors me just how quickly kiddos start picking up on those things. Thankfully, we listen to Christian radio pretty much all the time, so hopefully we don't have to worry about that too much. But, I personally really need to watch how negative I am in my speech in front of Eli. I really don't want to talk negative all the time to him or about other people in front of him. It is soooo hard, but I can only imagine the difference it makes in a family atmosphere.

Eeeekkkk! I have a lot to work on!


Amanda said...

It's so funny that you posted this. David and I were just discussing how Liam is copying everything we do lately.

Two days ago David (lightly) swatted our new pup on the nose for chewing on a book. Twenty seconds later, Liam walked over to her and popped her on the nose. OOPS!