Monday, June 28, 2010

Who needs a pool?

Who needs a pool when you have a mud hole?

One weekend we were getting ready for a family BBQ and I was cleaning off the patio. Part of cleaning is hosing the entire porch off because our wonderful dogs love to potty on the cement instead of the grass...lovely.
Anyway, when Eli saw me with the water hose he had to come outside. I told Chris that it was fine, just make sure he had shoes on (I didn't want him walking bare foot in the nasty dog mess).
He had a blast! We finished up and started setting out the table and chairs. We both commented on how good Eli was being. We hadn't heard a peep from him....then we found him.

Behind our rose bush he had found a huge mud hole, and a pair of plastic safety goggles.
What more could a boy want?

We had mud everywhere! By the time we found him there was little to do but go grab the camera. Shortly after these pictures he sat in the mud. I sure am glad that I asked Chris to put shoes on that boy! Can you see them through the mud?