Wednesday, September 01, 2010

This is our son...

I feel like I talk about other people's kids everyday...all the time. We love meeting new little cuties and taking their pictures, but our heart is always going to go to this little cutie. Since we have been so busy photography-wise, the last thing we want to do after a shoot or editing all day is to pick up the camera and take more pictures...but we are missing out on this little guy and how cute he is... 

Daddy took a little bit of time out of a recent photo shoot and took some photos of Eli. He came along with us that morning, and during a wardrobe change, Chris took the time to snap a few pictures of Eli.

I am so glad he did...:). This is our son.

Our son who is way too cool to look at us and smile for a picture anymore.

Our son who is constantly in wonder of the world around him. He is so smart; really, he is so smart. We are amazed every day by what he picks up.

Our son who still has the faintest little scar from a fall almost two months ago. I could easily take it out in PS, but I like it. He also has one, single freckle just to the side of his nose.

Our son who we are so excited to see grow up. I know that he has an exciting future waiting for him. What a privilege to be his parents...

Our son who yells out "truck" every time he sees one. He is also fascinated with trains and tractors and will say "hi" to every single person that walks by.

Our son who grabs a prop hat from the photo shoot and refuses to take it off, wears rocket shirts and climbs all over creation.

This is our son. We are so blessed.
May you always know that you so, so loved.