Friday, November 12, 2010

22 Months...

I really don't know how it is possible that you are 22 months, Eli. Last night I got a sudden burst of energy and we went through all your clothes. We cleaned out your drawers and closet and washed all of your cold weather clothes...good thing too because this morning you woke up to snow!
You played in the snow for a little bit last year, but you really didn't understand. This year you were fully aware of the change happening outside. After daddy and I explained the snow to you, I asked you to go get your Mickey Mouse and show him the snow...

Gosh, you are a cutie.

This has been a huge month developmentally for you, big boy! You have stopped saying those cute little variations of "real words" like "Nana" and "Flouw-flouw". They have all been replaced by the real words- like banana and flower and you are clearly saying four syllable words. Daddy and I are a little sad because we know it is just one more sign that you are growing up.
You are great at constructing sentences and we are amazed at what you can put together.
Just a few mornings ago when I was walking into the bathroom you said to daddy- "Mommy, bye-bye. Go potty. Right back." Chris and I just looked at each other...and I said slowly, "Yes, mommy has to go potty. I will be right back."
We are still working on colors, but you are starting to catch on to more and more. You are even better with your numbers this month, but sometimes you get confused between "5" and "9" because they sound the same.
You have also started to tell us "tummy hurt" or "eyes itch".
You know all of your shapes and you have started memorizing phrases from your favorite books and will "read" to daddy at night. You use to repeat each letter of the alphabet to me, but now you repeat the ABC's in whole phrases instead of just letters. You also picked up the Mickey Mouse song rather (like in a day) quickly and can sing it. Every time I turn on the TV you say "Doppler Dave" because you know that we are going to watch the weather- you still don't watch any TV besides the news at night. You love trains, tractors and big trucks. You carry your guitar around all the time and love to wear your cowboy hat. You call yourself "Cowboy E". You also love to kiss mommy and daddy's boo-boos and will ask us to kiss yours.
We are "phasing" out your ball pit in the living room. Here you are with your tractor and train in the pool. I have no idea how you got them in there, nor why you would want them in there...:)

We had our very first stand-off with you. It involved a late dinner of chicken pot pie and you sitting in your highchair refusing to eat for over an hour.
I was certain that you would love this chicken pot pie- it had all of your favorite things in it. But, it took over an hour in the oven and we had already gotten home late from your music class. It was your bed time when we sat down to the table. You refused even one wanted yogurt and a banana instead.
We held firm. I don't want to start fixing something different for you every meal. Daddy was a champ and we stood our ground together. An hour later, you fell asleep in your highchair, we put you to bed convinced that you would wake up in the middle of the night starving. It didn't happen- you slept great and we haven't had a food issue since.

That being said, this week you have just been the happiest, cutest little thing. Simply heart-melting. This week I have been so glad that I get to stay at home with you to see everything you are doing...

You decided that you wanted to take your cars on a tractor ride. So you lined them up on your tractor and pushed them around the living room. I had to take pictures...and maybe a little video; it was too adorable to let go.

Eli, we are so, so proud of you. I can't wait to see what you will learn this month and the path that God has chosen for your future. We love you, baby boy.