Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Halloween: the rest of the story.

After we ate a late lunch in White Deer, we dropped off the dogs and headed to Canyon to trick-or-treat with Mema & Papa.

Here is Eli making his way up to the front door. We parked a few houses away and when to the front door to ring the doorbell. Eli was a little unsure of everything because we go in through the garage usually...

Everything was much better when he realized that it was Mema at the door! 

After visiting with them for a bit, we headed down their street to load up on candy! Eli had more fun ringing the doorbells and looking for puppy dogs!
Here is daddy, rationing out the loot... 

And, just for proof for my mother- yes, I did let Eli have Halloween candy. He got a sucker; he was thrilled.
My mother thinks that we are depriving our poor child because he rarely gets candy.

And here is our Halloween card that we sent out this year!
Hope everyone had a great Halloween!