Sunday, February 27, 2011

Look who is a month old!

Happy one month birthday, Miss Ileigh Grace!

Everyone told me that that pictures would slow down after the first baby; I didn't think it would happen this fast! We haven't taken a single picture of the Little Miss aside from her 1 week pictures. I am vowing that we will take a picture of her tonight and update the blog with it later. Sad people! Just sad!

*And I did take pictures! :)

I know it is a little weird, but I think it is adorable the way as babies try to focus on you, their eyes go cross-eyed a little. We freaked out when Eli was little, but now we know it is normal...and I think it is sweet.

Maybe Ileigh didn't think it was as cute as I the way, these pictures were totally taken during her "fussy time".

I can't decided it she looks like Eli or not...she did get little "hormone bumps" right at one month, just like Eli. 

Ileigh, you are such a good baby. Too good, really; you are totally spoiling us with sleep. You will sleep for four straight hours at night- what a good girl you are! Some nights we wake up more with your big brother than you! Ha (we love you, Eli)!

You weigh 8lbs and 1oz and are really starting to focus on things and slowly follow an object with your eyes.

You love to be in your sling close to mommy and you definitely have your fussy time- 8:00-10:00pm every night, without fail. But, then you sleep so well that it is really difficult to complain! :) You have the most adorable little toes and deep blue eyes- I wonder if they will be the same beautiful brown eyes your brother has…

You, little one, are so loved. I hope someday you know just how many people have been thinking/praying about you. There have been so many people offer support and love over this last month- the outpouring has just been so amazing and we are surrounded with love.

Happy One Month Birthday, Sweet Pea! We love you!

Here are both of their announcements so you can see for yourself if you think they look alike...

And here is a picture of the E man at 1 month...


Kayla said...

I think their eyes look alike, but that's it. They are both so precious! Can't wait to hold that tiny baby again!