Tuesday, March 08, 2011


Happy Fat Tuesday! I celebrated by doing what everyone should do on Fat Tuesday- eating chocolate cake for lunch! Hooray!

I have decided that I am giving up “junk food” and cokes again this year. It is really part of my healthier eating goal for my (which started at the beginning of this month) New Year. If I can throw Jesus in there with it, it will give me the guilt extra shove I need to get it done! (I am just being funny, people)

Actually, I am doing a 40 day purge- a bag a day for 40 days. I am making a list of areas in my home that need to be “purged” and filling a trash bag a day with things to toss, sell or donate.
I think we accumulate a lot of things we really don’t need, so this is my way of getting rid of the “junk” around me that weighs me down. My husband is loving this idea- he would :).

Here is my list:
Chris’ Car
Eli’s toys
Eli’s closet
Ileigh’s closet
Kid’s bath
Our bath
Our desk
My dresser
My closet
Coat closet
Kitchen drawers
Kitchen cabinets
Craft stuff
Laundry room cabinets
Linen cabinets

So, about 20 areas to cover...I am certain I can find 40 bags worth of stuff to get rid of! (Added bonus- we will have a garage sale afterward and do something fun!) Has everyone else decided what they are doing?