Monday, May 23, 2011

Eli's Conversations...

Eli is just so cool. He is walking around making up songs and letting his imagination run wild. Coolest thing ever.

Eli while driving his tractor, two inches from the wall:
"Um, I want, um, chicken nuggets and um, MILK! Um, that's all. Thanks, bye-bye". Two seconds later:
"I want, um, grilled cheese...and pickles...and um, apricots. That's all. Bye-bye."

Eli while chasing Callie:
Come 'ere Cal. Put you in my going to be F-U-N....Ugh, you a big one (while trying to pick her up)"!

Me and Eli:
Eli: I want milk.
Me: We don't have any milk, you drank it all, sweetie.
Me: Okay, you go look and see if we have milk
(Refrigerator opens...shuts...little feet running back in the living room)
Eli: We have NO MILK!
Me: I know.
Eli: Go to Walmart and get some.
Me: Well, okay, we can go to Walmart and get some in a little bit.
Eli: I can't go get it.
Me: Why not?
Eli: I don't got no monies!
Me: Thanks okay, sweetie, mommy has money and I will share.
Eli: O-KAY!

-Just as I am writing this post!

Eli running inside:
I sprayed mommy, I SPRAYED!
Me: What do you mean, you sprayed?
Eli runs outside and I follow only to discover that he figured out how to turn on the water and use the water sprayer on the hose.

Dang. Better go.

*I turned off the water.
Eli: I want to spray!
Me: I'm sorry, Eli. We can't spray anymore.
Eli: Uh, uh, uh, that makes me s-ad...