Thursday, May 19, 2011

We have TWO kiddos!

So, I counted it up and we have taken pictures of over 75 families with kiddos. Since last year...Some of those more than once. CRAZY!
You might think with our photography "know-how" (using that term very loosely) we would have all kinds of pictures of our two precious children.
We don't.
We have stopped taking snap is one of the saddest things ever.
I have no idea how I am going to make Ileigh a one-year book like Eli's...we have no pictures of her!

We had a photo shoot cancel for Saturday morning, so I made Chris promise me that we would take our own kids out for pictures in their Easter outfits. I still want family pictures, but this will do for the moment (hint, hint, HINT) :).

Let me just say that I hate everything about a photo shoot (where me or my kids are the subjects). I hate all the stress of getting ready. The wondering if my kids will be cooperative. The wind/weather. The list goes on and on. Maybe that is why we try so hard to keep our "client's" photo shoots so relaxed. I know it is a stressful process.

It was pretty awful. Eli was tired and cranky. It was cold.
It took us longer to drive downtown than to take pictures. Maybe 5 mins of photo taking and Eli was totally done.

I want to say this to encourage others to get out there and try. If you get a handful of pictures it will be worth your time. I am not going to lie; taking pictures of your own kid is hard. I think it is so much easier to do someone else's kids, but maybe in a few years it will get easier for us!

We loaded the kids back in the car and I was upset- certain we didn't get anything. Much to my surprise, we did get a handful of pictures that I will have printed. Very much to my surprise...

No, Ileigh, no matter how hard you try, your brother is still longer than you.

Ileigh is just lookin' at Eli like "Why must you be so loud?"

I have to say, they are pretty cute...

Don't you love her little headband? :)

Please take a few helpful hints from us:
1. Keep a reasonable distance between your subject and your fancy, high-dollar camera.

2. Don't use brightly colored food items as bribery to comply with commands.
It makes editing very difficult later.

3. If the big brother isn't interested in the least to hold his baby sister, lay her in his lap the quickly go start dancing to distract him from knowing she is actually there. This gives you a 3 second window.

:) I am one happy momma that I have pictures of my two kiddos together. Probably won't happen for at least another 6 months!


Anonymous said...

They are so adorable! Great pics!