Wednesday, August 17, 2011

According to my camera...

According to my camera, Ileigh had her first taste of baby food on August 10th at 2:59p.m.
Man, I didn't even remember when we started; it has only been a week ago. She started on cereal a few days before she turned 6 months...I think.
(We have had a little bit going on; at least that is my excuse.)

Anyway, here is a picture of the optimistic start...
(Yes, I don't have the cover of the high chair on. It has been repurposed by Eli as some sort of fireman's hat and coat. Don't judge- the child is lucky I cleaned the high chair off for her! :))

Homemade acorn squash baby food! (If you ever get the chance, make your own baby food. It is really easy and very cost effective)

And the less than dramatic after picture. She just looks stunned.  

"Well, thanks. What was that, Mom?"

"Ummm. It was good, I guess. Sorta." 

This little one is still refusing a bottle, but hang on- she is halfway drinking out of a sippy cup. ThankYouJesus.
An awesome friend of mine gave me a few of their old sippy cups and she really loved them! She has just had a little water with her squash so far, but maybe soon she will drink milk too! 
Ileigh is also cutting two teeth. I can see them...I know I can see them. I am hoping that I can see them and it isn't just my imagination. I would love to explain her recent neediness and fussiness! :) 


Lish said...

Was looking through your blog links and found Nolan and Salem's. I didn't actually know them in college, but I remember them b/c everyone who knew them loved them so much. Reading their blog was SO what I needed right now - letting God lead them in their roles in life. We're reading a marriage book about having set roles for husbands and wives, which I'm sure there is truth to, but ultimately, God has a plan for our family and we must first seek His will. Anyway, I know this is a random post, but I had to share with someone:)