Friday, August 05, 2011

Big Boy Bed

I have been a little emotional lately. Eli started sleeping in his "big boy bed" this week.
I was actually looking for sheets in Kohl's for the queen bed in Ileigh's room and started crying when I saw all of the college stuff. I could help but think that soon Eli will be in a twin bed. I slept in a twin bed until I was a senior in high school. I could just see Eli packing all his things and heading out the door for college. Ah!

Originally, we had planned to buy a toddler bed for him and move the crib to Ileigh's room. After our trip to Dallas and seeing the quality of what we would be getting for the price, we decided to build one. Actually, I decided that we Chris would build one. I saw a tutorial online of how to do it, but Chris didn't use it. He really can do everything...:)

Daddy loved having his little helper with him... 

Eli was happy to help out... 

Carrying the bed to make sure it fit! It did! Woot! 

Eli really loves his new "big boy" bed. 


With all the fabric and materials we spent around $65- we were going to have to spend around $100-150 if we bought it. Awesome.
We moved his bed in his room Tuesday morning for naps that afternoon.
He has done great at night so far. Wednesday night we woke up to find that he had crawled between us, but last night he slept all through the night! Woot!