Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Kick Back Day

Man, we love July. The big culmination of the month is the White Deer Rodeo and Kick Back Day. Tons of family come into town and we all hang out and eat a ton of good food- what could be better? :)
Eli would say "fire trucks". This was his year.

Here is my baby girl at her first Kick Back Day parade!

Here was Eli and I in 2009...

Eli got to ride in the fire truck with Memamaw and Gramps! He was in heaven. Just this morning he asked if he could see "Eli in the fire truck picture". We might have to print it out for him to put on his wall.

Here is our clan claiming our spot for prime candy-gettin'. 

:) I hung out with Ileigh while daddy took pictures and Eli rode the fire truck. 

Ileigh and her great grandpa... 

Our beautiful niece, Megan was in the parade. :) We were super proud! 

Emma and her daddy... 

Eli got to wear his finished sprinkle shirt! He has been asking for weeks and I caved. I wanted to do a little photoshoot with it first, but I knew it was the perfect outfit for the event. He loved the bouncy house. 

We even coaxed him to climb up the slide and slide down! What a big boy! 

No joke, he is fearless...or he just doesn't know better. He is over 8ft off the ground in this shot. 

Maybe he won't have his daddy's fear of heights; but then again, when this is his normal routine, who could be afraid? 

I love July...:)