Saturday, February 01, 2014

A little surprise trip...

 Last October Southwest ran their big plane ticket special. Chris and I had been casually talking about taking the kiddos to Florida within the year, so I told him about the special, checked some dates and booked plane tickets for the four of us!

The kiddos had no idea.
We decided that this trip would be their birthday gifts this year...even if it was a few days late!

Here are our Magic Bands we got because we stayed on-site!

 They were soooo excited when we told them when they woke up. We video taped the whole thing and of course I started crying, so they got very confused and upset, but when I told daddy to take over for me, they understood and were very happy! Ha!

(Don't let my smile fool you. I was SICK. So sick with a sinus infection that I almost called the whole thing off; instead, we called the on-call doctor at 3a.m. and he called me in a prescription. Chris ran to pick it up at 4 and then we were off to the airport at 6. Crazy times.

Daddy rocks.

When we landed in Orlando, we picked up our rental and headed straight to Tampa to visit Stef and Scotty- they were gracious to let us spend the night with them! 

Stef and Eli at lunch... 

Ileigh was not feeling good! She slept the entire meal!

Band playing outside...This lady rocked!

Eli wanted to take Stef and Scotty's picture!

The amazing coffee shop right next door to their condo...

Oh, and the beach right across the street...

Our kiddos love the beach.
Love it. They could spend all day there...and they would've, had we not torn them away to go eat lunch and take naps!

Oh, the beach life!

Another photo from lunch...Eli loved the onion straws...a little too much!

Rockin' out on uncle Scotty's drums...

That evening we drove back into Orlando to have dinner with Tammie and her crew! Gosh, it was good to see them! Then, we stayed with them and got up early the next morning to begin our Disney adventure!