Monday, February 03, 2014

Magic Kingdom!

 We were all up early and so excited to go see the sights at the Magic Kingdom!

 We went and checked-in at our hotel and jumped on a bus that took us to the front gate of Magic Kingdom! They were super excited!
And....don't you just love the adorable matching shirts?!? Bam.

The first order of business was buying the kiddos- all THREE of them- a set of mouse ears and taking a VERY important photo.

We thought that this photo was the perfect way to let our friends and family know that we were expecting baby P #3 in August. :)

 Next up, the biggest carousel ever... 

Then off to Arie's Gratto- Ileigh's favorite ride in the park!

"The Bad Lady, Mommy"!

Of course the teacups were next on the list...

Then we were SUPER excited to meet "Brave"....but as we got closer to her, we got a little scared....we decided to forgo any other character lines after that!

Eli loved the train ride, where we waved to Woody and Buzz...

And then we rode the most awesome ride of all time! Mommy is an awesome shot! ;) It was Eli's favorite game too!

Even at the 'Happiest Place on Earth', momma's lap is still the best place for naps.

Eli driving us around in the cars. He was so cute- every time I would ask him to look at the camera, he would shout- "Mom! I can't! I'm trying to drive"! And anytime he hit the railing he would say, "I'm sorrrrrrry!!!!!" It was hilarious!

After lunch and naps on mommy's lap, we headed over to claim our spots for the Electric Parade!




Almost firework time!!!

Ileigh loved singing along and dancing with all the music....on top of mommy's shoulders.

Since Gramps didn't get to come, he made sure each kiddo picked out one toy from him that they could take home....

After the parade we made our way back to the bus with two exhausted kiddos and climbed into bed!