Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Our little pumpkin

Over Chris's lunch break yesterday, we jetted outside for a 3 min. photo shoot of Eli. I knew yesterday would probably be the only suitable day this week for a baby to be outside in a diaper, so we had to work fast!
Eli was wonderful. The pumpkin was a bit on the small side, but we made it work!

PS- Thanks to Monica and Tom- I think I stole this idea from yall! You did this with Katie Lynn, right? Ever since I saw those pictures I have been dying to get baby pictures in a pumpkin! Thanks for the inspiration!


Nick and Marianne said...

This is so cute! What digital scrapbooking website do you use?

Cory & Sena said...

He is too stinking adorable for words! I was gonna ask the same question as Marianne ... what do you use for digital scrapbooking? I have a few CDs, but they are pretty standard.

chrisandtif said...

I do everything in Photoshop. I happened to win all of the cool papers and stuff for this page from http://designgirlscraps.blogspot.com/, but I don't use templates.

Let me know if you have any more questions! I really love doing it!

Monica said...

aww, what a cute idea ;)(I think I stole it from a friend of mine) What great pictures and Eli is such a cutie. The scrapbook pages look great too!!!