Wednesday, February 02, 2011

More Visitors!

We are home!
Here are a few more pictures from everyone that came up to the hospital to see Miss Ileigh.
Thank you all so much for your support and love! I was a little out of it, so I just want to make sure everyone knows just how thankful we are for all of your support!

Ileigh and her cousin, Kaylee...isn't Kaylee just the cutest thing!?!

Cousin Madison... 

Cousin Abbi... 

A few of our Sunday School friends stopped by- thanks Melissa and David! 

Ileigh and her Uncle Steve... 

Ileigh loved her Aunt Abby! 

Finally, we got a picture of her and her Papa! 

Lynz and Kelsey came by on their way to a show...I had just had a round of my pain meds and we were having so much fun they missed the show and stayed to laugh at me...I love my friends. :)