Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Touch and Go...

Well, our little guy finally has the flu. (**I just noticed that my husband already explained that when he hacked into "our" blog...see previous post. I love you, honey :)**) Honestly, I am surprised that it didn't catch up to us sooner.
Sadly, both my parents have it, so Eli didn't get to see them at all this weekend. He usually sees them at least once a week and it helps so much...he must get tired of daddy and mommy all the time.
And baby sister...he really gets tired of her. :) Especially when he is extra tired, sick and cranky and doesn't want mommy to put him down to feed baby sister...(that was a long afternoon).

Thankfully, Chris nor I have it... let's hope it stays that way.

Two nights ago, even with a healthy fever, we decided to let Eli run around outside. It was a really nice late afternoon. He had a blast! I guess he was really tired of being inside all day because he didn't want to come in at all. I decided to take his bike outside to see if we could get him to use the pedals. Grandpaw got him this bike a while back and he loves to climb on it and push with his feet inside the house; he was having trouble with the pedals because the carpet was so thick.

Anyway, smooth pavement was all he needed because within minutes he had mastered the pedals...now I can't get him off of it! :) Just like that cowboy hat...I can't get him to take that off either. Someday we will have to find another that isn't too small.

(We can add "keep up with the kiddos scrapbooking" to my list of New Year's Goals)

Ileigh is doing great too, by the way. We are just keeping her full and trying to not give her the flu. We haven't taken a single picture of her aside from her one week photo shoot. Hopefully this weekend we can do a little special shoot for her 1 month pictures though.
She is eating like a champ and gaining away. She is starting to get the little "baby pimples" on her face like Eli did when he was a month old...they look so much alike to me!