Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Ileigh Grace, 8 months

Well, well, well.
Has it been another month already?

This little Miss has had a big month.

We snapped a few photos of her in all of her adorableness on our little time away in Santa Fe this weekend.
(Do you love the hat? I knew you would! You can find them here.)

I am VERY happy to report that Ileigh is the proud new owner of two teeth.
Oh my dear lord, child. You might be one of the hardest teethers ever.
Two weeks of vomiting, crying, screaming, Pedialyte and doctor's visits makes for a very long days.
I hope the next 18 teeth go a little better. 

Gosh, she is a cutie.

Little "Sissy Grace", as her Gramps and big brother call her, still wakes us 1-2 times a night.
She will take a bottle (YAY!), but only of momma's milk...no formula for her.
We have tried the 'ol bait and switch routine, but you are a quick one, little Miss. Determined not to let a drop of formula enter your mouth, you refuse the slightest taste of it with screams and wails.

Did I mention she is cute?

Also, if you remember last month she would only say "Da-da". I am happy to report that "Mama" is now a conversation staple as is "Buba".
She also likes to wave and still has the biggest smiles I have ever seen. Almost as big as those gorgeous eyes.

She is pulling up every chance she gets and is trying very hard and get on all fours.
I have a feeling though that this one will walk before she crawls just like her big brother.

Sweet baby girl,
We love you. You are such a joy; such a gift.
Thank you for bringing us so much sunshine.
We love you,



Rogers Family said...

So cute! Can't wait to get the kids together!