Thursday, October 27, 2011

Ileigh Grace- 9 months

You are soooo close to walking- I am soooo not ready for that. You are a great crawler too- it is hilarious because you stick one foot out and use it to help move you along. We are working on eating more food, but pretty much the only thing you will eat is pears that I make. And only on a good day. I think you will want to breastfeed for the next year- which I am NOT okay with. No matter what, baby girl, we are cutting this off at a year. :) I think you might have drank 2oz of formula for your daddy...we are working on that too.

This month we took you and your brother to the balloon festival in New Mexico. You did so well in the car and you loved all the attention from Memamaw and Gramps. You also went with us to our last wedding of the year (YAYAY!!!!) and of course you were really good. We also traveled to OKC for the Race for the Cure where you got to go on a really fast stroller ride with daddy!

These pictures make my heart happy.
We did the same thing with Eli whe he was 9 months.  :)