Monday, October 17, 2011

She has a doll...

Well, we finally decided to get Ileigh a doll. Actually, this is my doll from when I was 3. (Thank you, mother for keeping ONE toy from my childhood! :))
There are a few things that irk me about toys/clothes/ect. for baby girls verse baby boys (not that dolls are one of them), but I cannot deny the way Ileigh's face lights up when she sees this little doll. Eli just didn't have the same reaction.

She loves to cuddle with her doll during naptime.

And then mom wakes her up with that annoying clicking from the camera. 

I don't think the clicking will stop anytime soon, Sweet Pea. You better learn to just sleep through it. :)


Amanda said...

She has a doll and she IS a doll!!!