Monday, October 31, 2011

It. Is. Finished.

Last night around midnight I wanted to throw my sewing machine up against the wall.
I was totally on the "hate" side of the pendulum of my love/hate relationship with my sewing machine.

I mean, who in their right mind would leave their kiddos Halloween costumes to be finished hours before Halloween? Dang. That would be me. (Did I mention that I already have ordered our Christmas cards though! Bam! Shout out to Lynsey for taking our family Christmas photo this year) ((Lynz- please don't let anyone know just how easy it is to be a photographer- you might steal all our business!))

But, despite a pesky bobbin of death I finished. I FINISHED! Woot!

Today I told Chris that if I "wanted to save a little money/needed a way to channel my inner craftiness" to please talk me out of making costumes again for our children. Two reasons: 1: Eli is old enough to play in the costumes that we buy him, so they will get year-round use. 2: Really, in the end, I didn't save that much money. Certainly not worth my time spent yelling at that dang bobbin.


I finished the costumes about two hours before Chris' office Halloween party. It is really cool that they invite all the kiddos up to the office to trick-or-treat. Eli LOVED it. Here is Daddy and the kiddos in his new office... 

After the trick or treating, we stopped outside his building for a quick round of pictures...because, of course when you finish the costumes on the day-of, there is no time for a big photoshoot production. (Way to go, mom.) 

Eli is getting much better about wanting to take pictures with Ileigh. It is just so funny that the moment that we can get her attention and a little smile, something always gets Eli's attention. In this picture, the moment Ileigh smiles, a police car with two lights drove by. Eli was very excited and started yelling, "It has two lights! That police car has two lights!". All this while waving "two's" in the air. 

Tink did awesome with her headband, tutu and wings. Much better than anticipated. :) 

After the quick shoot, we drove down to Canyon to say a quick "hi" to Chris' grandparents and parents.
Here is Eli making his way up to ring Mema and Papa's doorbell.  

And then turning back around. He never goes in the front door, so he wasn't too sure about it...
Same thing happened last year...:) 

A little encouragement from Daddy... 

Mema with the goods. 

After Canyon we made our way to our church for their Trunk-or-Treat.
Gosh, we love our church. :) Such great and giving people.

Afterward, we swung by Papa Murphy's for a pumpkin pizza for dinner and waited on Trick-or-Treaters.
(we had one person ring our doorbell!)

Happy Halloween!