Monday, July 22, 2013

Big Girl!!!

I've been putting this post off because I was weary (or leery), but I think it is official. 
Ileigh is potty trained!

We have been going on and off for months and months, and I finally made time to commit to the job and make her stick with it. Chris was out of town when all of this transpired, so victory is completely my own! Bam. Who's ya momma?

I am pretty sure we could've accomplished this feat months ago, but I never created the opportunity to go straight to underwear, no matter what- We were busy, it was cold outside, it is gross, created more laundry....I have every excuse in the book, and I could sit here and think of 20 more. But I won't. 

Wanna hear what we did? Of course you do. 
Our little Ileigh loves dresses. In fact she tends to be disappointed (read:throws a fit), if I don't pick out a dress for her every day. 
If she chose not to put on her (literal) big girl panties, she didn't wear a dress. If she had a accident she had to change clothes into shorts. The torture.

After successful use of the potty, she got a special 'potty dance'. I know- I can't believe it worked either, but along with dresses, this girl loves to twirl.

The dance is performed by her with singing from me and big brother (who doesn't get a piece of candy if he refuses to support baby sister in her potty training accomplishment). It involves lots of jumps and twirls and a grand jump off the bed at the end, along with cheers from the crowd.

The final reward is a small piece of candy. She usually chose 3 chocolate chips- she likes the chocolate.

Congrats, big girl! We are so proud!
I can't believe that when we were doing this with Eli you were a tiny 5 month old.... :)

Excuse the poor quality iPhone pictures, but I'm loving updating my blog from my phone though!