Monday, July 01, 2013

Kaci's Reception

Saturday we had everyone over for a little cookout lunch before Kaci's reception that evening.
We really love having our home full.

Here are all the kiddos!

This is how we found Ileigh ten minutes after the last family left...
A sound indicator of a good time.

Here are my beautiful, blonde, tall cousins

All the talk of Hawaii really made us miss it...

Ileigh LOVES to dance!

Uncle Scotty and Eli 'gettin' down'!

Nanny and Papaw, so glad they could be there!

Nanny and Papaw with most of their great grandkids.

Max, Sue, Nanny and Papaw

Many years of wedded bliss, Kaci.
So happy we got to be with you on your special day!