Sunday, July 28, 2013

Ileigh Grace- 2 1/2

Oh, Ileigh. You're so big; when did this happen?
You, my little one have some personality. You are pretty much the most adorable thing on the planet, along with a fierce little attitude to go with it.

Look at that smile. Those dimples. 

This is your 'cheese' face. You close you eyes tight and smile big. Adorable.

You LOVE to dance. Anywhere. Anytime.

This is my new favorite picture. You are so carefree...I love your fearless attitude. You are amazing.

You still love to be thrown in the air, but you get a little antsy on an elevator. You don't like the crack in between the floor and the elevator. Maybe you have a little of your daddy's fear of hights? 

Ileigh, I have to tell you, I was terrified of having a girl. Terrified.
And I'm not going to lie, the two years of your life was solidifying my thoughts.
But over the last six months you have stolen my heart. Completely.
It's almost as if those long, sleepless nights are decades away.
You sleep all night in your big girl bed.
Our days are full of a dancing, singing, smiling precious girl.
And smart. You are one smart cookie.

I am so, so very thankful that I get to be your mommy. And out of all the little girls in the world, I'm so glad you are ours.

My love, sunshine.
Thanks for making our days brighter...