Monday, July 29, 2013

White Deer Rodeo

Rodeo weekend in White Deer is one of our favorites of the entire year!

Ileigh loved bossing the horsies around!

This year we started off Saturday morning with birthday donuts for Gramps!

The kiddos were happy to help blowout the candles.

Next, it was time for the big parade.
I have to say, the WD parade is one of the best parades ever. Tons of candy, tons pride and just the right length!

This little girl stayed with mommy and daddy while bubba rode in the fire truck with gramps.

She pretty much perfected the art of 'getting-as-much-candy-as-possible-during-parades'.

Look at that stash!

Cody with the open bag approach...

After the parade was some bounce house fun....

and tractor rides!

After that we had to rush home to shoot a wedding, but what a fun time!