Friday, February 12, 2010

1 year, 1 month

I haven't decided if I am going to keep posting about Eli every month on the 12th...maybe every- other month?

This month has been huge for the vocabulary of our little guy. I had read that the vocab starts to take off after the first year, but I wasn't expecting new growth like this. He is saying more "words" and he is trying to say everything that we do. Chris loves to "talk" with him in the car. Eli will repeat everything in the same is pretty funny to listen to.

He has 3 of his 1 year molars and about 3 teeth that look like they will pop out any minute. He has also started doing better in the church nursery...a couple of weeks ago we even got to go to "big church" because he was so good!
He loves to "mow" the living room with the mower that Tim & Amber got him for has provided hours of entertainment! WooHoo!
Monday night we were having dinner with the Rath's and we ordered him cheese quesadillas off of the kid's menu. He ate all of the quesadilla but a tiny sliver, his rice, my rice and half of his beans. I was impressed. At Grandy's birthday dinner the kid ate 4 dinner rolls, a whole baked potato, and most of a plate of green beans. WOW. He is a growing boy.

Last Saturday we jetted out to downtown durning our crazy busy weekend. Here are the pictures in Valentine cards that I made. I don't think that we will send many out to people, but I just wanted to have a little fun creating cards since I am finished working on Eli's 1 year scrapbook!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!