Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I am not from a denomination that typically observes Lent, but I am always intrigued about this time of self-denial, self-control and self-discipline. Every year I think about what I am going to give up, and I ask others what they are going to give up.

In the past I have almost always given up some kind of food. I would be lying if I said that it wasn’t, at least in part, out of selfish motives. My senior year I gave up sugar. I remember I stuck to it and didn’t have any sugar for almost a year. One year while Chris was in law school, I gave up chocolate, the next year sugar again. It was almost more like a motivation for a diet than a time to focus on the meaning behind the sacrifice. But hey, it worked every year…at least for 40 days.

Last year I had my first epiphany; a challenge to my motives behind Lent. I gave up 15 minutes of my day. That was difficult. I was a new mommy to Eli, taking a full grad school load, studying for my comprehensive exam so that I could graduate, had a busy GA position, and supporting a husband through his last semester of law school. I felt like I never had free time, and if I did I would rather be sleeping. But I did it. It really was a sacrifice for me to give up 15 minutes. Sometimes I meditated, read passages, prayed, anything that brought peace with no electronic interaction. I really think that is how I kept my positive attitude and sanity through a very stressful time in my life. It was wonderful.

I have decided this year to give up facebook for Lent. There are many reasons why I am choosing to give it up, but the most prevalent one is because of my hesitation. I have been contemplating this for days. Chris thinks I am nuts. I use facebook every day…EVERY SINGLE DAY. It is how I keep in touch with family, friends…everyone! But I know that if people need to get in touch with me, they will. I love seeing what people are up to. I love to get a glimpse into lives that I would otherwise know nothing about. It can be a dangerous thing and extremely addicting.

I will still be blogging and checking e-mail. In what time I am normally on FB I will be looking for ways to grow as a person. I am honestly struggling with this commitment. I know that it is so stupid to be so reliant on a thing like FB to feel like I am “in the loop”. I hope that after this time I will be able to be less tied to that means of communication.


Monica said...

WOW!! That is awesome. You can do it!!!